• Brigette Henry

How I Used a $10 Cart and Changed My Free Time Forever

Updated: 6 days ago

I bought one thing before the COVID panic and it has absolutely changed my life.

It's a cart.

I got this cart at Walmart because it was cheap and it was available. I really wanted one of those cute, 3-teired, painted metal ones that are all the rage right now, but they are SO expensive and I would have had to order it.

And wait for it. Which I hate.

I got this one for $10. (You can find it here)

Note: I am not getting paid for recommending anything to you in this article, or for suggesting specific sites to purchase things.

What I Keep In My Cart

I've seen people use the 3-teired carts for craft storage, bible study supplies, etc., but what I wanted from my cart was the ability to plop down anywhere and be able to relax. So, my cart houses the following:

Top bin: My planner supplies, a jar with scissors and writing utensils, and a candle from my husband

Second bin: My bible, journal, two devotional books I'm working through and our iPad for reading books (that and Pinterest are all I do with it)

Third bin: A self-improvement book I'm reading and the worksheets I need that go with it

Fourth bin: My current crocheting project and its instructions

So I can roll this cart to the dining room table, the couch in the living room, or right beside my work desk and I have access to everything I need on a regular basis.

It may seem like an odd bunch of things to need on a regular basis, but if I'm sitting in one spot, I'm typically...

-Reading my Bible, and I like all my study supplies with me


-Reading a book or devotional


-Planning out my days, weeks, or months in my planner

...so for me, this cart makes perfect sense!

What I REALLY Love About This Cart

I did have an ulterior motive for getting this cart:

I wanted to minimize my leisure time commitments.

You see, this is a leisure time cart, and it is a physical representation of the things I surround myself with during my leisure time.

Before I got this cart and filled it with these things I love, I had an entire craft room full of unfinished craft projects, books everywhere in the house to the point I would forget what I was reading and what I wasn't and I would get overwhelmed, and no sense of direction when I found myself with 30 minutes of free time.

If I were to take a 30-minute break right this minute, I know exactly how I might like to fill my time: reading my Bible, journaling, reading a book, crocheting or getting my planner organized.

I absolutely love this concept. It creates a place for you to unwind and not feel burdened by all of the personal projects you could be working on. Everything you need is within arms reach. And it doesn't have to be a cart! You can use a shelf, a basket, or anything else you can think of. Just make it yours :)

What tools do you use to make the most of your time?