Is A Capsule Wardrobe Really For You?

Updated: Jul 27

I love my capsule wardrobe.

It saves me time, money, and effort. Plus it looks so organized, I can't help but smile.

But capsule wardrobes are not for everyone, and I would hate to encourage you to donate tens (if not hundreds) of clothing items just to have you be disappointed and upset because you miss your favorite clothing items. There are downsides to having a capsule wardrobe, so let's talk about what capsule wardrobes take from you, and what they give you.

What Capsule Wardrobes Take From You


If you're the kind of person who loves having lots of clothes, a capsule wardrobe might depress you. The average capsule wardrobe has somewhere between 20-40 items.


Since you have fewer items, you have fewer options. Capsule wardrobes are created so that all pieces match, but if a piece is in the wash, you simply don't have the option to wear it. And with fewer items to choose from, you may end up having to wear something you weren't planning on wearing that day.

An excuse not to do laundry.

Speaking of having fewer options, you also have less time before doing laundry becomes an absolute necessity. Although you will technically be washing the same amount of clothing, you won't be able to put off washing it as long as you may have before.

Long-lasting clothing items.

If you wear an item more, it will fall apart faster. That's just a fact of life. Items in capsule wardrobes get good wear, and may need replaced sooner than the clothing in your 100+ item wardrobe.

The excuse to shop.

Impulse shopping is a no-no when you have a capsule wardrobe. You spend valuable time and energy curating items for your capsule wardrobe, and you can't simply add items (especially if they don't match) just because your cubicle mate was smart with you today and you feel the need for retail therapy. Every item you buy needs to be carefully thought through and looked over because every item counts.

What Capsule Wardrobes Give You


I pop out of the shower, dry off, walk straight into my closet. Within less than 30 seconds (yes, 30 seconds!) I have an outfit to wear that I love and feel great in.


My wardrobe takes up almost no room in our closet or my dresser! Just looking at it makes you feel calm. There is NO MORE CLUTTER!

The ability to be fashionable.

Can I confess something? I want to be fashionable, but I suck at it. If you curate items that work together, however, dressing fashionably happens without effort. You always look put together. Always.

Peace of mind.

All day my mind is going crazy with a million different things grabbing for my attention. It's nice to have one thing in my life that's not trying to dominate my mind-space.


Capsule wardrobes cost less because you're not constantly adding to them, which means you can buy nicer items that will last longer. It's a win-win.

Overall, I love my capsule wardrobe. I've started shopping smarter, dressing nicer, and taking care of myself better. Giving away so much of my clothing has made me feel so unburdened and carefree. I'm not the kind of girl that wants to obsess over what she's wearing, I just want to love what I wear. If that's how you feel, a capsule wardrobe might be right for you.

So, are you interested in creating a capsule wardrobe? Check out my tutorial here.

Pro Tip: If you are super unsure about creating a capsule wardrobe, follow the directions in the link above, but DON'T donate or toss your old clothes. Put them in garbage bags and hide them. Commit to trying the capsule wardrobe for three weeks. Then do a mental inventory of how it makes you feel and how your mornings have gone. Once you're sure, donate the clothes. (Without looking back in the bags!)