My Favorite DIY Face Mask (Only Two Ingredients!)

Updated: Jul 27

I'm about to change your life.

OK, maybe not. But this face mask has definitely changed mine.

This clay mask is beyond amazing. It draws dirt out of your pores and clears up your skin. It also makes your skin really soft and smooth. And it's made of just two ingredients: bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar.

I stumbled across this recipe (or one very similar) on Pinterest several years ago. Turns out, the recipe is actually on the container of clay. Apparently people just don't know about the clay.

You'll Need:

-Bentonite Clay (I recommend this one)

-Apple Cider Vinegar

-A (NON-METALLIC) tablespoon


NOTE: Do not let the bentonite clay come into contact with any metal during this process. The reason the mask works so well is because the clay has a charge and attracts metal (and there's actually a lot of metal in dirt). If the clay comes in contact with metal, it loses some of its charge, and the mask won't work as well.

1. Mix equal parts Bentonite Clay and Apple Cider Vinegar in your bowl. I use 1 Tablespoon of each, but you can make more or less depending on how much you need. It will bubble and once mixed, it turns into a light, airy clay mixture.

2. Apply the clay mask to your face, being careful to avoid your hairline, your eyebrows and your eyes.

3. Leave the mask on until it dries, about 5-10 minutes. (The first time you use this mask, spot test it on yourself and don't leave it on for more than a few minutes. Your face will turn very red. Over time your face gets used to it and you can leave it on the full 5-10 minutes or longer if needed.)

4. Rinse off the mask completely. My face is always a little red, so I don't do

this right before I go out ;)

5. Enjoy your clean pores!

There are instructions on the back of the clay container as well (if you get the one I recommended above). My instructions are slightly different based on my experiences with this clay. Also, don't try to make this mask in advance. It dries funny and is hard to use.

Do you have any favorite DIY masks? Send them my way; I would love to try them!